Shake up your day with FORPRO CarbControl Shaker

Your favorite shaker is even better. This popular shaker comes with a screw cap, that provides an easier and smoother closure. It is excellent for the preparation of bulking agents and protein products. Both the cap and the lid have a screw design, so you don't have to worry about accidental spills in your gym bag.

The bottlecap and lid of the product are made from a soft type of plastic, which results in a perfect fit. This innovation prevents water leakage. The arched filter in the shaker provides a higher flow rate and is capable of more efficient mixing.

Thanks to the design of the cap, it is comfortable and easy to drink from the shaker.


    • Curved filter to reduce clumping
    • Color: Neon Orange
    • Choose between two different Capacities:
      300 ml or 700 ml (10 oz or 24 oz)
    • Double Scaling on Shaker: ml and oz
    • High quality polypropylene
    • Complies with food regulations
    • Break resistant
    • Washable in dishwasher
    • Ideal for mixing proteins and mass gainers
    • BPA-free, non-toxic plastic
    • Label on product: ‘FORPRO® CarbControl’